There Are A Lot of Links In The "Selling Chain"

I wish selling a home was as easy as sticking a sign in the yard, signing a contract, and closing.    Most of the time, it is not.  As a listing agent, only half of my job is finding a buyer for your home. The main responsibility of an agent is to make sure the deal closes!  There are all kinds of obstacles that can pop up and kill your deal.  There are many links in the chain that can cause issues, and it’s the job of the Listing agent to solve them so that the seller can move.   First things first, not all agents are equal.  Do yourself a favor and fine a professional, full-time agent with experience!  It is invaluable!

1. A strong Real Estate Agent is needed for success
2. Appraiser
3. Home inspector
4. Mortgage loan officer
5. Environmental specialist
6. Mold inspector
7. Radon inspector
8. Tax adviser
9. Sanitary systems expert
10. Occupancy permit inspector
11. Zoning can sometimes be an obstacle in commercial deals
12. Survey company
13. Flood plain issues
14. Termite inspector
15. Title company
16. Insurance consultant
17. Moving company

It’s not a fun process selling your home, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be very stressful.  The level of stress you experience will be a direct result of the agent you choose to represent you.  Make the right decision and interview three before committing to one!  …and be weary of hiring a friend you know  that has his/her real estate license to be your Realtor.  Although you may feel comfortable at first, if things go wrong with the transaction, you may have put friendship in jeopardy!

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