Are You One Of Those Buyers?

I get calls almost every day from buyers who see a property on my website, and want to see it.  I am especially greatful for the call, and happy to assist!  During the conversation, I ask if the buyer is working with an agent, one that represents them and not the seller.  It truly amazes me how many buyers are not working with one agent exclusively.  Instead, these buyers just call on each individual listing they find from multiple websites, and schedule appointments with numerous Realtors for one or two properties at a time.

Here is the problem, and the opportunity!  Commissions are almost completely paid by the seller to the listing brokerage firm, who splits the commission with the buyers agent’s brokerage.  The buyer rarely pays a commission to an agent’s brokerage, and in rare cases when this may be occur, it is discussed up front prior to showing the home.  That being said,  if a buyer can choose to work with one agent exclusively at little or no cost to them,  why would the buyer not jump at the chance to do that?

After all, an exclusive buyer’s agent will really understand their clients needs over time, their likes and dislikes, understand and help establish the financing planning (which is important in today’s economy), and will really be much more effective in matching future properties to that particular buyer, rather than meeting numerous agents based on an ad, or multiple property websites, and going through the fact finding questions over and over and over again.

Here is a great video that further expands on this concept.   The bottom line is that the smartest move a buyer can make is to choose just one agent to work with, and partner with that agent. Let that agent work his/her magic, learn your needs, learn your  likes and dislikes, and he/she will help guide you throughout the whole process.  If you do, you will find the home buying process MUCH easier and much more effective.  I work hard to earn that privilege with my clients, and when you are ready to take the next step, I will strive to earn your trust too! Give me a call and lets discuss your needs!

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